hope you got all you wanted and a happy new year!!!!


H.A.T.S. 06/30/2008

Have a terrific summer

have a safe 4th of july

added new stuff

hope you like the cheats


Happy Easter 03/23/2008

Hope you had a good easter. Hope you got some chocolate. I love chocolate! Well just post what you got. And remember it is the day jesus arose from the rock. And 3 days ago was good Friday, when he got nailed to the cross.


Happy St. Patricks day. Hope you wore green. If you did post. Just dont vent, because you got pinched all day. But if you didnt wear green, post to, so people can pinch you.


Added Kids Zone. Kids Zone is for kids. There are kids websites, Funny Picture, and even Jokes!
Added Stuff 03/12/2008

added P.O.T.W., picture of the week.also added fun and games. it has new games,videos every month so check in on it once and a while. The fun and games also has the P.O.T.W. in it , so you can download it. Also it has a video in it from youtube.com.